SensiFoot Diabetic Stockings

Category: Compression Therapy

Manufacturer: Jobst

Jobst's SensiFoot line of support stockings are specially designed for diabetic wear.  This Complete Diabetic Sock is available in various sizes for men and women, comes in a variety of colors, and is available in three distinct styles.

  • Flat, low profile toe seam reduces irritation and pressure on toes
  • Acrylic padding reduces friction and provides cushioning for comfort
  • Acrylic yarn wicks away moisture to help keep feet cool and dry
  • Crew length and mini-crew length socks features an antimicrobial finish that helps prevent growth of bacteria and fungi on the sock and helps eliminate odor
  • Crew length sock features non-constricting, mild gradient compression that helps prevent sliding and bunching which can cause pressure points against the skin
  • Mini-crew length features non-binding top welt that won’t restrict circulation
  • Knee length and Crew length available in black, navy blue, brown, and white
  • Mini-crew available only in white

Four sizes for women, ranging from XS to L, and five sizes for men, from XS to XL correspond to wearer's shoe size.

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