Aids to Daily Living

Nova Medical Products :: 16" Molded Foam Comfort Ring

16" Molded Foam Comfort Ring

-Molded, high compression polyurethane foam -Conforms to the body contours to provide comfort and support when sitting for long periods of time -Aids in the prevention of pressure sores -Removable, machine washable polyester/cotton cover -Flame ...

Stander :: 30" Safety Bed Rail

30" Safety Bed Rail

The 30” Bed Rail makes it easy to get out of bed and prevents nighttime falls. When you’re not using it – simply fold the bed rail down and out of the way (for easy bed-making). And like all of our bed rails, it blends in with ...

Nova Medical Products :: 32 in. Dragon Reacher

32 in. Dragon Reacher

The Nova 32 in. Dragon Reacher can retrieve dropped or hard to reach items that weigh as much as 2.5 pounds. It has an ergonomic design and is strong, lightweight and safe with no sharp edges. It can grab objects at any height and angle due to its ...

Medline :: Advantage Magnetic Patient Alarms

Advantage Magnetic Patient Alarms

Inhibit patient wandering with this efficient alarm. The magnetic pull switch releases from any angle, helping to eliminate false alarms and clothing tears. Mounts on bed or chair. Tether clips to patient's clothing. Recessed ...

Apex Medical :: Apex 7 Day Pill Organizer XL 70042

Apex 7 Day Pill Organizer XL 70042

The 7-Day XL Pill Organizer helps you maintain your daily medication schedule and holds your pills securely with the extra large 7-day pill container. This product allows you to organize your pills and vitamins conveniently. The easy snap lids keep ...

Apex Medical :: Apex 7-Day Mediplanner 70069B

Apex 7-Day Mediplanner 70069B

The 7-Day Mediplanner securely holds pills and helps to maintain a Morning, Noon, Evening and Bed medication regimen with this 7-Day pill container. It allows you to manage your daily medication routine easily and is a convenient way to organize ...

Apex Medical :: Apex Day Planner 70016

Apex Day Planner 70016

Designed for use with MediChest. It features highlighted Braille with raised & highlighted letters.  Available in opaque white, translucent blue or lavender colors. 

Apex Medical :: Apex Pill Pulverizer 70029

Apex Pill Pulverizer 70029

The Pill Pulverizer is a pill crusher that is designed for those suffering from arthritis or a weakened grip. It creates a fine powder which can be easily consumed with liquids for patients who have difficulty swallowing pills. The winged design ...

DMI :: Button Aid & Zipper Pull

Button Aid & Zipper Pull

Assists with dressing Easy to grip lightweight design  Versatile button aid loop and zipper pull

Standers, Inc. :: CarCaddie


Provides assistance when getting in and out of an automobile. Simply roll down your window and put the end of the CarCaddie strap around the top of the window frame. Then snap the buckle in place, adjust the handle height, and roll up the window. Made ...

Carex :: Carex Contoured Bed Pan P704-00

Carex Contoured Bed Pan P704-00

Generous capacity reduces chance of overflow Side grips for easy handling Contoured shape for comfort

DMI/Mabis :: Closed-Cell Foam Tubing

Closed-Cell Foam Tubing

  Helps give greater control and strength for gripping ability by building up tool and utensil handles. Increases softeness for an improved grip Tubing has a slip-resistant "skin" Supplied in 12" (30 cm) pieces that can be cut ...

Duro-Med Industries :: Coated Shoe Horn

Coated Shoe Horn

The Coated shoe horn is epoxy coated steel helps people to put on shoes without bending or straining  there backs.

DMI :: Comfort Heel Pillow

Comfort Heel Pillow

Features and Benefits: Resilient polyester fiberfill helps provide greater support and comfort. Adjustable hook and loop strap for a custom fit.

Ableware® by Maddak, Inc. :: Deluxe Flexible Sock Aid

Deluxe Flexible Sock Aid

The two long loop handles are perfect for people with limited hand function, back problems, wheelchair users or people recovering from hip or knee surgery. The flexible plastic core is lined with blue nylon to reduce friction. The outside is covered ...

Nova Medical Products :: Deluxe Hip Kit

Deluxe Hip Kit

The Deluxe Hip Kit aids in recovering from hip, back, or knee surgery. The Hip Kit includes seven items: a dressing stick, shoe horn, sock aid, bath sponge with deluxe long handle, a 32″ dragon reacher, and two pairs of 32″ elastic ...

Essential Medical Supply :: Deluxe Swivel Seat Cushion

Deluxe Swivel Seat Cushion

Swivels 360 Degrees in Any Direction  Helps Reduce Back & Hip Strain While Either Getting In/Out of Vehicles or Chairs Cushioned 15 1/4" Diameter Seat with Non-Skid Bottom

Nova Medical Products :: Dragon Reacher 24"

Dragon Reacher 24"

The Nova 24 in. Dragon Reacher can retrieve dropped or hard to reach items that weigh as much as 2.5 pounds. It has an ergonomic design and is strong, lightweight and safe with no sharp edges. It can grab objects at any height and angle due to its ...

Nova Medical Products :: Dragon Reacher 32"

Dragon Reacher 32"

The Nova 32 in. Dragon Reacher can retrieve dropped or hard to reach items that weigh as much as 2.5 pounds. It has an ergonomic design and is strong, lightweight and safe with no sharp edges. It can grab objects at any height and angle due to its ...

Nova Medical Products :: Dressing Stick

Dressing Stick

The Dressing Stick assists with dressing and undressing and is 27 inches long.

Duro-Med Industries :: Elastic Shoe Laces

Elastic Shoe Laces

Ideal for people who have trouble tying their shoe laces, these shoelaces allow enough stretch so that shoes can be slipped on or off without untying the laces. Allows shoes to slip on and off easily.

Nova Medical Products :: Elevating Leg Wedge

Elevating Leg Wedge

The Elevating Leg Wedge helps treat tired legs, phlebitis, varicose veins, lower back pain, swollen knees, and pelvic traction. It reduces stress on the spine and improves circulation. The contoured shape allows it to fit under the back of ...

Patterson Medical :: Extra Wide Sock Aid

Extra Wide Sock Aid

Available in a traditional size and a wide size. Wide sock aid features flat design that prevents the sock aid from rolling during sock application. Cord style helps apply shorter socks. Flexible plastic. No-Slip Sock Aid. Features a pad that has ...

Nova Medical Products :: Female Urinal

Female Urinal

Product Description: Contoured design ensures a complete and secure seal during use Perfect for bedside or use in vehicle Grip handle allows for use in multiple positions for bedridden patients Durable shatter resistant plastic ...

Standers, Inc. :: Handybar Auto Entry / Exit Handle

Handybar Auto Entry / Exit Handle

* Promotes safety & mobility - protects against falls and makes standing or sitting easy * Universal - secure fit into passenger or driver side door latch no vehicle modification required * No-slip ergonomic grip - fits parallel to car for comfortable ...

BSN - Jobst :: Jobst Stocking Donner

Jobst Stocking Donner

Easy to use device to help apply JOBST© Hosiery * Ideal for people who have limited dexterity or have difficulty reaching their feet * Use with closed and open toe styles * 13 1/2 h x 7 1/2 w

Complete Medical :: No Rinse Body Wash

No Rinse Body Wash

8 oz. bottle Ready to use No rinsing required Leaves skin clean, refreshed, and odor free Easy to use:  Apply directly to skin or wet wash cloth and then towel dry

Patterson Medical :: Spyrolaces


Perfect for those who lack the fine motor skills needed to tie shoelaces. Once Spyrolaces are laced, simply pull to the desired tension and release. Stays tight and comfortable, fits all shoe sizes.* *Caution: This product contains natural rubber ...

Nova Medical Products :: Step Stool

Step Stool

• Lightweight – 5 lb • Skid resitant rubber tips and step base • Weight capacity: 300 lb We love the Step Stool because it gives you a leg up! Reach the items you need with a safe and stable step.

Patterson Medical :: Toilet Aid

Toilet Aid

Toilet Aids. Lightweight tongs assist individuals with limited reach and range of motion. Ends are slightly angled for more precise use. Vinyl coated handles and ends for easy maintenance. Stainless steel. Reinforced joint adds extra durability. ...

Duro-Med Industries :: Transfer Board - Oak

Transfer Board - Oak

Transfer Board makes it easy for the elderly or patients to get into bed from a wheelchair.