Apex Medical :: Apex 7 Day Pill Organizer XL 70042

Apex 7 Day Pill Organizer XL 70042

The 7-Day XL Pill Organizer helps you maintain your daily medication schedule and holds your pills securely with the extra large 7-day pill container. This product allows you to organize your pills and vitamins conveniently. The easy snap lids keep ...

Apex Medical :: Apex 7-Day Mediplanner 70069B

Apex 7-Day Mediplanner 70069B

The 7-Day Mediplanner securely holds pills and helps to maintain a Morning, Noon, Evening and Bed medication regimen with this 7-Day pill container. It allows you to manage your daily medication routine easily and is a convenient way to organize ...

Apex Medical :: Apex Day Planner 70016

Apex Day Planner 70016

Designed for use with MediChest. It features highlighted Braille with raised & highlighted letters.  Available in opaque white, translucent blue or lavender colors. 

Apex Medical :: Apex Pill Pulverizer 70029

Apex Pill Pulverizer 70029

The Pill Pulverizer is a pill crusher that is designed for those suffering from arthritis or a weakened grip. It creates a fine powder which can be easily consumed with liquids for patients who have difficulty swallowing pills. The winged design ...